This brand new addition to our list of services uses Wi-Fi signals and can be paired with beacons and video-counting technology when needed.

peoplecount gathers valuable audience insight for out-of-home advertising campaigns and digital/static out-of-home networks by tracking Wi-Fi signals, and extracts the gold nuggets of information in seven key areas:

  • Real-time analytics – As-delivered results; support programmatic buying and ROI
  • Footfall traffic – Number of people by time at critical locations within venue
  • Seasonality and day-parting– Split digital audiences; understand fluctuations
  • Dwell time– Time spent in venue and at critical locations
  • Reach/frequency – Frequency of return visits and multiple touchpoints
  • Footpath analytics – Relationship within and among critical venue locations
  • Attribution – Connecting ad locations with retail destinations.

Armed with this actionable data, use placescount analytics to:

  • Plan media placement for optimal exposure and engagement
  • Gauge the success of the OOH advertising campaign or digital signage deployment and track specific measurable results
  • Support your sales force with credible sales tools
  • Differentiate yourself from other media
  • Be accountable to advertising clients, media buyers and planners or retail executives.

peoplecount helps you define research and measurement priorities and objectives, identifying a placescount deployment scheme to fulfill your corporate goals. Our solutions are fully customized and scalable to any size network or project. Phasing is available to suit budget and corporate priorities.

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pedestrianscount is a cost-effective way of determining daily foot traffic at a venue or along a street.

peoplecount has extensive experience in counting foot traffic at various types of indoor venues including university and college campuses, restaurants and bars, health clubs, medical offices and shopping malls. From simple mid-block pedestrian volumes to a complex breakdown of pedestrians crossing a busy intersection, peoplecount is uniquely qualified to deliver timely and accurate results.

We employ various technology solutions including video counting, Wi-Fi counting, Beacons, beam counters and other devices to conduct pedestrian counts across North America through our extensive network of field staff. Count set-ups and duration can be tailored to individual needs and all short-term counts are expanded to reflect daily or weekly pedestrian volumes. peoplecount’s years of experience and in-house database ensure a cost-effective approach to estimating daily pedestrian volumes.

pedestrianscount is of interest in transportation and urban planning, retail and commercial site evaluation and out-of-home advertising audience metrics.

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peoplecount has developed and tested a vehicle-based advertising audience metrics model called tripscount, which predicts the potential audience of mobile advertising vehicles. Both pedestrians and other vehicle occupants are included in the metrics. To date, tripscount has been adapted and applied to advertising fleets on mobile billboards, buses, taxi tops, wrapped cars and SUVs, delivery trucks, towed billboard trailers and rickshaws.

tripscount users will benefit from:

  • quick implementation as the methodology is already proven and available;
  • accurate audience impressions for exterior vehicle advertising campaigns, a first in North America; and
  • comparability with other audited outdoor media, including traditional outdoor.

tripscount Is used extensively in both the United States and Canada, and has been approved by Geopath (the U.S. outdoor advertising auditing bureau) as the officially audited measurement method for mobile billboards and bus exteriors.

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traffikcounts is an extensive database of traffic volumes with coverage throughout Canada and the U.S. Available by city, market, state, province or nationwide.

Recent US and Canadian traffic counts are assembled, mapped and factored to reflect growth to the current year and the common currency of AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic). An AADT represents the daily two-way traffic volume averaged over 365 days of the year, accounting for seasonal and daily variation and allows counts to be directly compared with one another.

peoplecount is pleased to offer extensive custom GIS services including data mapping, setup, training and custom map creation.

peoplecount operates, a self-service mapped website for purchase of Canadian 24-hour traffic count data. With this online tool, users have instant access to over 15,000 traffic counts across Canada, accessed from a searchable map interface, starting from just $39.99 per count. Landowners, developers, real estate professionals, retailers, and outdoor advertising suppliers can now search for and select traffic count locations across Canada, and quickly purchase the counts online using a major credit card or Paypal account. Traffic counts are automatically and instantly emailed to the purchaser. A request form is available for custom locations not yet covered.

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digitalcounts is a pre-packaged audience measurement service tailored to digital out-of-home networks. Designed to make audience metrics consistent, robust and easy to buy, our digitalcounts service allows digital OOH networks to achieve DPAA-compliant audience counts in as little as 60 days.

digitalcounts extracts the gold nuggets of information in five areas:

  • Audience counts in the vicinity of the screen(s)
  • Relationship of audience count to venue data (e.g., sales transactions, card swipes, venue traffic, building area, building occupancy)
  • Screen notice as a percentage of people in the vicinity of the screen
  • Dwell time in the vicinity of the screen
  • Audience insight such as demographics, media acceptance, frequency

Use digitalcounts audience metrics to:

  • Support your sales force with credible sales tools
  • Differentiate yourself from other media
  • Quote DPAA-compliant audience metrics
  • Be accountable to media buyers and planners or retail executives.

peoplecount understands that audience measurement is essential for an emerging medium like Digital Out-of-Home advertising and place-based media. This is why we work with you to define your audience measurement priorities and objectives, identifying a digitalcounts deployment scheme to fulfill your corporate goals and exceed your expectations.

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audiencescope surveys

audiencescope gathers valuable audience insight for out-of-home advertising and digital signage networks through on-location intercept surveys.

peoplecount helps you define research and measurement priorities and objectives, identifying an audiencescope survey plan to fulfill your corporate goals. Our solutions are fully customized and scaleable to any size network or project. Phasing is available to suit budget and corporate priorities.

audiencescope surveys extract the gold nuggets of information in five areas:

  • Media effectiveness — Notice of medium, media acceptance, audience interaction
  • Audience profile — Demographics, consumer insight
  • Audience behavior — Frequency of visits, dwell time
  • Campaign effectiveness — Message recall, brand awareness, purchase intent, sales lift
  • Pre/post or A/B comparison studies

Use on-location audiencescope surveys to:

  • Gauge the success of an OOH advertising or digital signage deployment
  • Support a sales force with credible sales tools
  • Differentiate a particular media from all other media
  • Prove accountability to media buyers and planners or retail executives

AudienceScope Surveys Fact Sheet & Rate Card.pdf