January 2016

Peoplecount Launches Placescount Indoor Audience Metrics Using Wi-Fi

Peoplecount tests real-time, place-based audience metrics using Wi-Fi signals to measure footfall counts, dwell time, reach-frequency and footpath analytics.

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2015, October

Peoplecount Sponsors Toronto Ad Club's OOH Showdown 2015

The Peoplecount team served on the organizing committee and attended the 4th Annual Ad Club Out-of-Home Showdown at the elegant Arcadian Court in Toronto, with art deco surroundings and a Speakeasy theme. Peoplecount sponsored both the registration table and the luncheon table centrepieces. 

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2015, October

Peoplecount unveils new logo, tag line

Peoplecount recently unveiled a new logo and tag line which will be launched at the Toronto Ad Club's OOH Day on October 8, 2015.

"Good research tells a story. Do you know yours?" reflects Peoplecounts insight in cutting through the clutter of big data and finding the brand story in the numbers.


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2015, May

Peoplecount Attends 2015 OAAA/TAB "Amplify" Conference in San Diego, CA

The Peoplecount team were thrilled to attend the 2015 OAAA/TAB National Conference in San Diego. The "Amplify" theme was reflected in an exciting roster of speakers with emphasis on audience engagement technology such as beacons.

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2015, March

Peoplecount Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Peoplecount celebrated its 20th Anniversary of incorporation (formerly Transearch Group Inc.) on March 21, 2015 with a reception at its Loft offices in downtown Toronto. Clients, business associates, current and past employees, family and friends gathered to toast the milestone event.

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2014, October

Peoplecount Sponsors Toronto Ad Club's 3rd Annual OOH Showdown

The Peoplecount team served on the organizing committee and attended the Advertising Club of Toronto's 3rd Annual OOH Showdown at the Allstream Centre in Exhibition Place. Peoplecount sponsored the registration table and enjoyed the "Mad Men" themed venue and cocktails.

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2014, April

Peoplecount Presents at Transit Workshop at 2014 TAB/OAAA Conference

Peoplecount attends "Connect", the 2014 TAB/OAAA Conference in Orlando, FL. Kelly McGillivray presents at the TAB Transit Workshop breakout session, summarizing four years of transit media measurement across over 130 US public transit systems.

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2013, October

Peoplecount supports Breast Cancer research in Canada on "Dress for the Cause" Day

"Team Breastscount" marked Dress for the Cause Day, one of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities across Canada, with pink garb and pink treats, all in the name of fundraising for the breast cancer research.

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2013, October

Peoplecount sponsors 2nd Annual Ad Club OOH Showdown

The Peoplecount team attended this year's 2nd Annual Ad Club OOH Showdown at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. Peoplecount served on the organizing committee and sponsored both the "Best in Show" category and the table centrepieces. Set to a James Bond theme, the oversized martini glasses (shaken, not stirred) added just the right ambience to the historic Fermenting Cellar room.

2013, May

Peoplecount attends 2013 OAAA/TAB "Ignite" National Conference

The Peoplecount team attended the 2013 OAAA/TAB "Ignite" National Conference in Los Angeles.

2013, February

Transit Media Metrics presentation at DSE 2013 in Las Vegas

Kelly McGillivray presents "Making Headway: Transit Media Metrics (and the Blueprint for Other DOOH)" at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The presentation first offered a blueprint for transitioning DOOH Audience Metrics from the current "guidelines" to a legitimate audit methodology. Peoplecount's current work with the Traffic Audit Bureau in developing and implementing Transit Media Metrics is presented as a specific case of this audit process.

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2013, January

"Digital Signage is Now Audited for Transit Media" , AVNetwork Systems Contractor News, January 16, 2013 by Kelly McGillivray, Peoplecount

Kelly reports on the status of Transit Media audience metrics in the US following the completion of Peoplecount's metricsl development contract with the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC, and the initial implementation stage with the Traffic Audit Bureau.

[ AVNetwork article on transit media metrics ]

2012, October

Peoplecount Sponsors Toronto Ad Club's 1st Annual Out-of-Home Showdown.

The Advertising Club of Toronto held its first annual competition of out-of-home media suppliers' campaigns, "Out-of-Home Showdown" at the Liberty Grand. Boxing legend Spider Jones was the celebrity guest with Crystal Koskinen hosting the boxing-themed awards dinner. Peoplecount served on the organization committee and sponsored the "Best in Show" category.

2012, April

Peoplecount Attends TAB/OAAA 2012 Conference in Miami

The Peoplecount team attends the 2012 TAB/OAAA National Conference, "Catch the Wave" at the legendary Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami, FL. 

2012, April

National Academies of Sciences publishes Peoplecount's "Audience Measurement for Transit Advertising" report

The "Audience Measurement for Transit Advertising" report by Peoplecount (with input from the Traffic Audit Bureau) is published by the National Academies of Science in Washington, DC. The publication marks the conclusion of a two-year study with the Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), for which Peoplecount was awarded the contract after an RFP was issued by this US government organization. The report examines the current state of transit advertising audience metrics both in the US and worldwide, details original research and model development by Peoplecount, and recommends an implementation plan for transit media metrics across the US.

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2012, March

Peoplecount Loft used for TV series set

Peoplecount's Loft office served as the set of a PR firm in the Canadian crime drama series "King" on Showcase (Season 2, Episode 13).

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2011, September

Peoplecount sponsors Toronto Ad Club OOH Day

Celebrating "The Great Outdoors" at 99 Sudbury amid a backdrop of fall leaves and branches, Peoplecount sponsors the Poutine Bar and promises "Rich Data, Self Served" with the launch of its self-serve traffic count website, www.GetTrafficCounts.com.

[ GetTrafficCounts.com website ] [ OOH Day 2011 photo ]

2011, September

GetTrafficCounts.com Website Grants Instant Access to Over 15,000 Canadian Traffic Counts

Peoplecount announces the launch of GetTrafficCounts.com, a map-based, searchable website allowing instant access to over 15,000 Canadian 24-hour vehicle traffic counts. Crucial, on-the-spot business location decisions can now be made by retailers, real estate professionals, land developers and outdoor advertising suppliers. Users simply search for and select traffic count locations across Canada, complete the purchase using a major credit card or Paypal account, and instantly receive the data by email.

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2011, April

Peoplecount Attends TAB/OAAA Conference in Miami

The Peoplecount team embraces the theme Grab Your Share at the beautiful Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami.

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2011, March

DOOH.com Interview with Kelly McGillivray, President of Peoplecount

Kelly McGillivray, President of Peoplecount, talks about the types of research and metrics available to Digital Out-of-Home media providers and how to use early research to tailor your new DOOH network to suit the audience and the venue environment.

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2011, February

Peoplecount at Digital Signage Expo 2011, Las Vegas

Kelly McGillivray, President of Peoplecount, presented as a member of the Audience Measurement panel,specifically addressing Campaign Effectiveness Research for Digital Place-Based Media. Jim Spaeth, author of the DPAA Audience Measurement Guidelines, served as moderator.

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2010, November

Peoplecount at 2010 Media Innovation Awards in Toronto

Peoplecount was shortlisted for a MIA in the Media Research category for its "Mobilecounts Audience Measurement" submission, in which audience metrics and ad message recall were measured for a vehicle-based mobile advertising campaign executed by OMD for McDonald's Restaurants. Mango Moose operated the dedicated advertising vehicles in Atlantic Canada.

[ Peoplecount's MIA Awards submission ]

2010, September Peoplecount’s Expressocounts brand sponsors Espresso Coffee Bar at the Toronto Ad Club’s Out-of-Home Day at Andrew Richards Designs

2010, May

Peoplecount attends the GO! 2010 TAB/OAAA Out of Home Media Conference & Marketing Expo in Arizona

2010, February

Launch of Digitalcounts Expresso audience metrics service

Peoplecount announces the release of Digitalcounts Expresso, a new pre-packaged audience metrics service for Digital Out-of-Home networks.

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2010, January

Peoplecount contributes to Keith Kelsen's book "Unleasing the Power of Digital Signage: Content Strategies for the 5th Screen"

Kelly McGillivray, Peoplecount's President and Chief Methodologist, was interviewed by Keith Kelsen and quoted several times in his book "Unleasing the Power of Digital Signage: Content Strategies for the 5th Screen". Kelly specifically addresses measuring the effectiveness of digital signage. The paperback was published in January 2010 and is available on Amazon.

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2009, November

Peoplecount announces the release of its 2009 Canadian traffikcounts data layer

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2009, September

Peoplecount awarded the contract through RFP as the supplier to the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC for the “Audience Measurement for Transit Advertising” research project, a 24 month contract

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2009, June

Peoplecount announced as the supplier for Adcentricity’s new Research Lite product

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2009, June

Peoplecount Pedestrian Model

Kelly McGillivray, President & Chief Methodologist of Peoplecount, presents “People On The Streets” at the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Conference in Montreal

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2009, April

Peoplecount awarded Most Innovative Research/Metrics/Planning System at 2009 MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Awards in New York for “Peoplecount Pedestrian Model, TAB Eyes On Ratings”

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2008, November

Kelly McGillivray, President & Chief Methodologist of Peoplecount, speaks at “Building Your Digital Signage Business” Conference in Chicago — “Good Research Tells a Story”

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2009 MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Award
for Most Innovative Research/Metrics/Planning System for Peoplecount Pedestrian Model,
TAB Eyes On Ratings


In one of my roles as a member of the Technical Committee of the US TAB initiative, which is working to bring reliable audience measurement to the whole of the US market, I have been working for some years with the team from Peoplecount to develop a crucial piece of the US industry model.

The team at Peoplecount consistently impressed me with the breadth of their understanding and technical expertise in the area of mobility. They delivered timely solutions to problems we posed them and worked in considerable harmony with our committee.

In a project of this scale it was a great benefit to have such a flexible and imaginative team delivering this measurement expertise, and refreshing to obtain this both on time and on budget. I am sure I will be using Peoplecount`s expertise in other markets around the world in the future.”
Neil Eddleston, Managing Director, JCDecaux, London, UK

I am delighted to offer the highest commendation to any company considering Peoplecount for a major project. Kelly McGillivray worked very closely with the Traffic Audit Bureau on their new pedestrian count database which was delivered on time and on budget. This now forms a cornerstone to the Eyes-On ratings for 200+ DMAs expected to be released to the industry by TAB shortly.”
Tony Jarvis, Independent Research Consultant, New York

NEWAD Media has hired Peoplecount multiple times, initially to develop COMB-approved methodologies for three indoor advertising networks: Restaurant/Bar, Health and Fitness Club and College/University Campus. We have subsequently hired Peoplecount on two more occasions to update the circulations, again working closely with COMB.

The methodologies developed by Peoplecount were, in fact, technically sound and innovative, allowing NEWAD to win a CMDC Media Innovation Award for Marketing Science Advancement. Peoplecount has respected the timelines and budget agreed upon for these projects. They are professional and knowledgeable.”
– Philippe Marchessault, Executive Vice President and General Manager, NEWAD, Montreal

Zoom Media has worked with Peoplecount on updating our circulation for three of our indoor networks and we have been very satisfied with the professional approach and quality of work provided to us. We have once again selected Peoplecount to provide revised circulation for our networks this year and look forward to working together again.”
– Andy Querin, President and Chief Operating Officer — Canada, Zoom Media, Toronto

Kelly has years of experience in the Out Of Home Measurement business. This experience has brought her a depth of knowledge that is un-matched in the industry.”
– Kim Moran, Former COO/CFO, Gallop & Gallop Advertising, Toronto